Triniate is back online!

Project Triniate has been offline for years. But now it is back (somewhat). And it is free to play for the first time ever!

Project Triniate was announced all the way back in May 2012. In this original announcement, is was already stated that a release version of this game might not see the light of day at all. Despite of that, people were able to play the in-development versions by donating $1 to the project (many thanks to those people). I spent all of my spare time working on Triniate. To get the artwork needed for the game, I even developed a spriter tool for the Nintendo 3DS browser that was free for everyone to use. They could use it to create their own sprites for objects, as well as characters. I learned a lot from creating this MMORPG, and I had to restart the project twice. On the second reboot, I changed the game to be grid-based, like Pokémon. A lot of work was put into this reboot, but when my server crashed, and GoDaddy's backup was missing all PHP files, almost all of that was lost.

I never found back those files. What I did discover later, though, is that I do still have several backups of Triniate BEFORE the reboot. So today, 30 november 2020, I decided to put that back online for everyone to see, for the sake of game preservation. So grab your 3DS browser (or not, it works in your desktop browser just fine) and get ready for the MMORPG that never was.

Understand that I will not be updating Triniate. However, I made Triniate open-source: So if you want to create your own spin-offs, contribute to the main game or just look around the inner workings of Triniate, it's all possible! If you have questions or remarks about the project, though, please don't hestitate to hit me up on Discord: Robdeprop#6822. I'd be happy to hear from you! You can also follow @Triniate on Twitter to stay up to date:
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